Saturday, December 31, 2005

X-mas Day Pics

These next four pictures below are all taken from Fort Myers Beach on Christmas Day, 2005.

This shot is taken from the boardwalk leading to the pier. Even though the temps were in the low 70's, people were still laying out trying to get a suntan and some were even swimming.
I am guessing that this pelican is very hungry! I have never seen a pelican get this close to people before. A lot of people fish off of this pier, so it was probably hoping someone would feed it some fish.
This palm tree near the pier boardwalk entrance was decorated with all of these flowers at the base for the holiday. The picture came out very dark, but I was able to lighten it and bring out some of the color with Photoshop.
We stopped at a Mexican place for lunch. This ice cold Corona tasted really good!

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